Due to a high volume of filings, patrons may experience a delay in processing E-Filed documents. It is recommended that any time-sensitive documents be filed in-person.

Some filings required by Estate fiduciaries may be permitted an extension of time by written request. For more information regarding in-person filings, contact the Clerks Office at 216-443-8786. For information regarding extensions, contact the Accounts Department Supervisor at 216-443-8767.

Court Administration, Directors and Magistrates

Court Administrator
Magistrate Jennifer A. Alexander

Deputy Court Administrator and Senior Staff Attorney
Courtney L. Verardi

Court Auditor
Peggy Vanek

Chief Magistrate
Magistrate Heidi M. Koenig

Front Office Magistrates
Magistrate Jennifer A. Alexander
Magistrate Sarah L. Lukwinski
Magistrate James L. Nabors III
Magistrate Vetus Syracuse

Director of Guardianship and Adoption Services
Magistrate Anne M. McCafferty

Adoption and Guardianship Magistrates
Magistrate Roberta Van Atta
Magistrate Melanie GiaMaria

Director of Psychiatric Services
Magistrate John C. Spiccia

Accounts/Inventories Magistrate
Magistrate Joseph Shucofsky

Director of the Clerk’s Office
Terence Huber

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