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The Cuyahoga County Probate Court continues to operate at a reduced staff. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, effective Monday November 16, 2020 we are SUSPENDING in-person filings in our Clerk’s office to protect the safety of our staff and the public.

We continue to accept paper filings by U.S. mail or drop-off at the front or back entrance of the Old Courthouse. Patrons may also E-File for the case types currently available for E-Filing. Please check our website for cases available for E-Filing.

Court staff are making every effort to process filings efficiently and with our usual diligence.

Patrons should expect slightly longer delays for filings by mail and E-File. We ask for your continued patience while we open, sort, and process the large volumes of documents sent our way at this time.

Due to unusually high call volume and email, you may experience a greater hold time for calls to the Court or for responses by email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we adjust our practices to protect our staff and the public.

All hearings and trials will be conducted by telephone or online video call (ZOOM).

The Court encourages patrons to register for an E-File account and review the many types of filings available for E-File, including

  • All filings on new and existing Full Administration Estate (EST) cases (except ancillary actions). Also available for Estates are Creditor Claims and Applications for Release of Medical Records and Medical Billing Records for use in evaluating a potential wrongful death, personal injury, or survivorship action on behalf of the decedent;
  • All filings on Adult Guardianship (GRD) cases including Pay or Deliver actions;
  • All filings on Civil Adversarial (ADV) cases (except “sealed” pleadings;
  • Marriage License Certificate Returns, Corrections of Birth Records and Delayed Registration of Birth Records.

For a complete list of cases types and filings available to E-File, please see Filings Available to E-File. As additional filings become available, they will be announced on the Filings Available page and most will include guidelines to assist users. An introductory E-File 101 CMBA Webinar is available, and users are also encouraged to contact the E-File Department directly by email at or call our E-File Help Desk at (216) 443-8948 during regular Court business hours.

For certified copy pick up, please contact the copies department at (216) 443-8792.

For certified marriage copy pick up, please contact the marriage department at (216) 443-8920.

Effective Monday November 16, 2020 the issuance of in-person marriage licenses will be SUSPENDED. This is being done to protect the safety of our court staff and the public. All satellite locations remain closed. Until further notice, marriage licenses will be issued by appointment via online video call for all applicants. An exception may be made if the couple does not have the ability to do an online video call.

Couples MUST pre-register for a marriage license online via our website. The pre-registration will direct you to contact the Marriage Department by email to set up their online appointment.

Applicants must have:

  1. a valid email address;
  2. a computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet with a working video camera;
  3. a functional printer with them at the time of the video call;
  4. both applicants physically together and on the same call (not two separate calls);
  5. all prior marriage/divorce information available at the time of the video call;
  6. official government issued IDs present at the time of the video call;
  7. a scanner or camera (can be cell phone) to make a digital copy of the marriage ceremony return certificate. These certificates may be E-Filed or sent back to the Probate Court Marriage Department by regular mail; and
  8. a credit card for payment.

This procedure has been implemented in order to issue marriage licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that any prior marriage license remains valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.

All individuals are required to wear a face mask and observe social distancing requirements. For further details, please review the administrative order on the attached link.

Updated Administrative Order effective May 25, 2020

Administrative Order 1 effective March 16, 2020

Administrative Order 2 effective March 16, 2020

Updated 7-7-2020

What is the Probate Court?

The Probate Court is established in each county of Ohio to supervise the administration of the estate of a decedent who was a legal resident in the county at the time of his or her death. Each transaction involved in the administration of an estate is subject to the examination and approval of the Probate Court.

Other matters within the Probate Court's jurisdiction are: issuance of marriage licenses, adoptions, guardianship proceedings, the involuntary commitment of the mentally ill, and land appropriation cases.

Please see this PDF with information on the Cuyahoga County Court House.

Local Rules of the Court

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