Probate Court E-File Frequently Asked Questions

Who can E-File?

Any adult (18 years or older) with a valid email address may register to E-File. Users must agree to our Terms of Use and should reference the Probate Court’s Policies and Procedures prior to using the E-File System. For technical help with document submissions or use of the E-File System, see our E-File User's Guide.

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Can I use my Common Pleas Court E-File account to submit filings to the Probate Court?

No. You must create a separate account with the Probate Court.

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I'm an attorney. Will my E-File account list all of my cases filed with the Probate Court?

Yes, but attorneys must first complete the Request to Receive E-Notices and Link Cases to E-File Account and submit it to the E-File department. Alternatively, a signed, scanned PDF of the form may be submitted by the attorney to the E-File Help Desk email address:

Note: Attorneys whose E-File account has been linked to their existing cases will receive all notices via email and will no longer receive paper notices from the Court on cases where they are the attorney of record.

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Do I need special software to E-File?

No. The Probate Court’s E-File System can be accessed by most commercial web browsers after registration with a valid email address.

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Do I need special hardware to E-File?

Forms are available on the Court’s website, E-File Forms and are in a PDF format. Any additional documents will need to be scanned into a computer and submitted as PDF attachable files. Please refer to your scanner or printer manual for assistance.

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What browsers are supported for use of Probate E-File Forms?

At this time, the Probate Court recommends use of Internet Explorer (IE9 or later) to edit, save, and submit E-File PDF forms. Other browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and Microsoft’s Edge all require additional steps.

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What are the requirements when submitting a filing?

At this time, E-Filings must be typed and in a PDF format. Any handwritten submissions will be rejected. The Court encourages you to utilize Court E-File Forms located on the E-File Home page. These forms are pre-formatted and have been edited to include digital and electronic signature fields.

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Can I E-File a request to have my address redacted from the Court’s public docket?

No. Filings submitted including any request to redact address or private information must be made in person at the Court. The E-File Department will automatically reject any requests to redact private information, along with any filings submitted with it.

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What forms of payment are acceptable?

A credit or debit card is required with any E-filing and must be in the name of the registered user.

Third party credit or debit cards will not be accepted, and filings submitted with them will be rejected.

Use of the E-File System constitutes the registered user’s consent to charge the credit or debit card provided. The filing fee and accompanying convenience fee will be confirmed at the time of submission and charged at the time of acceptance. Use of the Ohio Direction Debit Card (Ohio EBT) is prohibited.

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Can I E-File all Probate Court case types?

Effective October 13, 2015, the “Application for Change of Name of Adult (R.C. 2117.01)” is available for E-File.

Effective June 13, 2016 the “Application for Change of Name of Minor (R.C. 2717.01)” is available for E-File.

When additional case types are available for E-File, the Court will post announcements on the E-File Home page and notify attorneys by an E-Blast email.

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Are there certain hours of the day when I can E-File?

You may login to your account and submit filings at any time. However, filings will not be reviewed by the Court outside of the regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, excepting legal holidays.

Any document submitted after 4:15 p.m. shall be deemed to have been submitted at 8:30 a.m. on the next Court business day. Any document filed on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday shall be deemed to have been submitted at 8:30 a.m. on the next Court business day.

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How do I know if my submitted files were received by the Court?

After you submit a filing, the E-File System will display a confirmation page on your screen. This page serves as proof of receipt of your submission. It contains the date and time your filing was received, and a confirmation number you can use to help track your filing. It is recommended you print this page for your records.

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My filing was rejected; does it mean I can’t E-File this kind of document?

Filings rejected by the Court always include a rejection reason and can, in most cases, be corrected and re-submitted to the Court through the E-File System. Rejected filings must be corrected and resubmitted to the Court within 72 hours from the time the rejection email was sent to your account address. If you miss this correction deadline, you must resubmit your filing as a new filing.

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I just realized a document I submitted contains errors; can I retrieve it from the E-File System?

Once a document is submitted through the Court’s E-File System it is considered an official filing that cannot be edited while pending review or after its acceptance. If the filing is accepted, many corrections can be done through a Motion to Correct or a Motion to Amend. However, if the Court rejects your filing, you may then edit it for correction and resubmit, or cancel the filing altogether.

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Do I have to pay additional costs for correcting a document that has been rejected?

No. Documents rejected by the Court have not been accepted for filing and therefore have no cost charged to your credit card.

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Can I change my hearing date?

If you believe you cannot make a scheduled hearing date, you must contact the Court immediately upon receipt of your Notice of Hearing. Please call (216) 443-8979 during regular Court business hours.

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Where do I park for my hearing?

Due to construction work being done on the Huntington Park Garage behind the Probate Court House, parking in the garage will be limited and the Lakeside Ave. entrances will be closed.

It is recommended you arrive at least 45 to 60 minutes before scheduled hearings and Court proceedings.

Maps and updates for parking at the Huntington Park garage.

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My attorney no longer represents me and I want to use my E-File System Pro Se account, what do I do?

Filings will be rejected when submitted to the Court’s E-File System by Pro Se account users who have an attorney on record with the Court.

Future filings under the Pro Se account will be accepted for review only after a formal dismissal, resignation, or withdrawal has been filed with the Court as follows:

  • A notice of dismissal filed in person at the Court indicating the attorney of record no longer represents you
  • A notice of resignation filed by your attorney
  • A notice of withdrawal filed by your attorney

All dismissals, resignations, and withdrawals will be reviewed by a Magistrate and may need a hearing before Pro Se users can make future filings through the Court’s E-File System. When a hearing is necessary, the Court will notify all interested parties of the location, date, and time.

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My source documents have been scanned and uploaded; do I need to keep the originals?

Yes, the Court may require you to produce at Court original source documents for further review or for copying.

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My E-File case and filings are finished, and the case is closed, do I need to keep my source documents?

Yes, you must keep your source documents for one year after the date your case was closed, and through any appeal period.

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I’ve been appointed Commissioner on a Release of Assets estate case.  Can I E-File my report?

The report must be signed.  Unsigned reports will be automatically rejected.

Submit all records of receipts and disbursements, including any documents requested at your hearing by the magistrate, as ONE FILE (.pdf format). Include your signed Report as the first page.

Attorney Commissioners: Please follow our Existing Case Filing Guide for submission instructions.

Pro Se Commissioners: Please follow this Existing Case Filing Guide for Pro Se submission instructions.

The Court encourages you to utilize the pre-formatted Commissioner’s Report for E-File submissions.  Simply follow the link

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What are the general steps after I E-File my Commissioner’s Report?

In most instances, the E-Filed report is processed as follows:

  • A confirmation email is sent once the report is received by the E-File Department.
  • All filings are then forwarded to a magistrate or Judge for review.
  • Users are encouraged to check the Court’s online case docket within 5-7 business days after submission, to check if the final order approving the report has been docketed.
  • (If deemed necessary by the magistrate, additional instructions and hearings may be scheduled.  A notice of hearing will be sent to the Commissioner at that time. Documents requested by the magistrate or Judge for subsequent hearings may be E-Filed on the case as Supplemental Documents—choose “Supp Doc” for your docket code selection.)

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Must I have an E-File account to file a Commissioners Report?

Yes.  An E-File account is required to file a Commissioners Report (register for an account here).

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E-File Help Desk - Cuyahoga County Probate Court

Email the E-File department:

Phone: (216) 443-8948

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