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Filings are accepted for the following case types:



Complaint for Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
Complaint for Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Complaint for Concealment of Assets
Complaint for Construction of Trust
Complaint for Construction of Will
Complaint for Declaratory Judgment
Complaint for Distribution (Creditor Claim)
Complaint to Contest Will/Codicil
Complaint to Initiate Accounting
Complaint to Invest or Mortgage
Complaint to Reform/Modify Trust
Complaint to Remove From Office
Complaint to Remove Inter Vivos Trustee
Complaint to Set Aside Antenuptial or Separation Agreement
Complaint to Terminate Trust
Petition for Adult Protective Services
Petition for Appropriation of Real Estate
Petition for Presumption of Death
Petition to Determine Heirs


Application for Change of Name - Adult
Application for Change of Name - Minor
Application for Correction of Birth Record
Application for Delayed Registration of Birth
Application for Order to Disinter Remains
Petition for Joint Declaration of Paternity


Application for Appointment of Successor Custodian
Application to Pay or Deliver Estate of a Minor Without Appointment of a Guardian
Application to Pay or Deliver Estate of an Incompetent Adult Without Appointment of a Guardian
Report of Distribution of Adult Incompetent's Claim
Report of Distribution of Minor's Claim


Commissioner’s Report of Distribution on Release of Assets
- Request for Extension to File Commissioner’s Report on Release of Assets

Fiduciary's Application for Allowance of Claim

Fiduciary’s Report of Distribution on Wrongful Death and Survival Claims
- Request for Extension to File Report of Distribution

Notice of Claim Against Decedent's Estate

UPDATED - 09/26/2019

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